Closet Styling:

In-home consultation where we determine what to keep, alter, toss, sell, or donate. After we get rid of what doesn’t work in your closet, we will discuss your own personal style and create a shopping list of items that will update your look for the season. Learn to love your closet.

VIP Treatment:

Do you have an upcoming wedding, charity gala, reunion, birthday party, or any other special event?  Then treat yourself to the VIP treatment package.  This package includes full styling services tailored to your own budget.  Services included are event wardrobe styling and hair and make-up consultation.

color swatches

Custom Color Analysis:

Make shopping a breeze by learning what colors look best on you. Knowing what colors compliment your natural beauty is the key to successful personal style.  This analysis includes a customized color fan that you can easily carry with you.

bridal dressBridal Styling:

Dress Consult:
Every bride has a perfect dress in mind and sometimes you just need someone to translate that for you.  We can help you find the best shade of white that suits your natural coloring.  We will also discuss body types to help you pick the dress of your dreams.  You will leave the consult with personalized color, shape, and a designer list that is tailored to suit your budget.  Then you can shop with ease and comfort to find the dress of your dreams.

½ Day Shopping Trip:
Sometimes you need that expert opinion to help you find the perfect dress.  We will book appointments and accompany you to three bridal boutiques of your choice. You will receive a custom itinerary and expert advice on the color and shape of dress that would complement your natural beauty best.

The Big Day VIP Bride:
We will be with you from start to finish for the biggest day of your life. This package includes an initial bridal dress consult, bridal shopping trip, day of bridal dresser, wedding party shopping trip. The bridal dress consultation includes choosing your dress, accessories, and overall look. The wedding party consult includes selecting your attendants dress and accessories. We will also include bride and wedding party hair and make-up consult to complete the vision. You and your attendants will look picture perfect for your big day!

Men’s Styling:

Let us help your man by putting together complete looks for the boardroom or that upcoming special event. We will create many day and evening looks for that special man in your life. Why should we have all the fun!

Online Shopping Cart Editing Service:

Do you shop online all the time only to get the items delivered and they don’t fit or look right at all? Well let me be your online shopping cart editor, where you send me your shopping cart before you purchase, and I’ll make necessary changes and edits before you hit SHIP! This will save time and money you spend returning unwanted online items.

packing for a suitcase

Destination Styling:

Let us pack for your special trip. We will teach you how to pack by choosing pieces that work well together and that have many functions. This includes shopping trip (If needed) as well as in home consultation where we actually get you packed and ready for that trip!

Photo Shoot Styling:

Do you dread taking pictures? Well that’s because you don’t have us to make you look picture perfect every time that camera comes out. We will give you a complete wardrobe, hair, and make-up consult to help you look your best through the lens. You will no longer want to “untag” your photos.

Personal Shopping:

Do you get frustrated the moment you walk into a store?  Well, if you answered yes, you are not alone.  We will create the best shopping experience possible for you.  We take the guesswork out of what to buy and where to buy it.  You will no longer feel stressed when shopping once you shop with your own personal stylist.  Your personal stylist has an eye for what will look great on you and she knows just where to find it!  The time you will save will amaze you!

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