Color & Body Style

This is a complete package of custom color analysis and body style analysis. You will get two tools to help you better understand what colors you should be wearing and what types and styles of clothing will look best on you. Complete descriptions below:

Custom Color Analysis

Make shopping a breeze by learning what colors look best on you. Knowing what colors compliment your natural beauty is the key to successful personal style. This analysis includes a customized color fan that you can easily carry with you.

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Body Style Analysis

Do you have trouble finding clothes that fit your body type? Are you not sure how to dress your petite or tall frame?  In a body style analysis we will go over your body shape and proportion. We will discuss what clothing silhouettes and styles are best for your body type and proportion. We will also discuss accessories, face shape, bra size, and hairstyle. You will leave with a book that is tailored to you and will guide you when shopping for the right clothing and accessories.


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