Instant Update With Color

I cannot stress the importance enough of having your color analysis done.  Many people walk around everyday in the wrong colors for their skin tone and natural coloring.  They simply don’t know that they can look 100% better with simply wearing their custom colors. One example of a person wearing the wrong colors is the classic white shirt and black pants.  I’m sure most of you have made this mistake and if you look like Snow White with black hair, white skin, and blue eyes, then go ahead and where your black and white high contrast colors, but if not, please refrain from wearing this combo.

When you walk into the room, people should notice how beautiful you are, not how beautiful the colors you are wearing.  When I do custom color analysis, I pull your natural body colors first, i.e. skin, hair, eyes, and body reds.  Then I pull other custom colors that naturally compliment your look.  If you only wear the correct color, then you are more than half way to looking your best. Your custom color fan will help you shop for the best colors for you.  So challenge yourself this week to wear either your hair or your eye color and see what kind of reaction you get from people.

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