Appropriate Work Style

Lately I’ve been working with so many women in the corporate world.  Many questions have come up as to what is appropriate in the workplace for women.  I try to teach women how to bring some femininity into an otherwise male dominated workplace.  Here are some tips to do this in a tasteful way:

  1. Don’t be afraid of color.  There is enough black suits in the workplace already!
  2. Add some print in a blouse to add some interest to an otherwise boring grey suit.
  3. Keep your shoes current.  Yes that means toss out those old chunky heels that you might think are “comfortable”
  4. Keep your make-up clean and fresh.
  5. And lastly, make sure your work handbag is not falling apart, and toss those worn bags and splurge on a new one.

Below are some links to what I’m referring to:

Printed Blouse

Fresh Work Make-up Look

Prada Spring Work Bag

Current Spring Work Shoe











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